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Recieving Flowers

From Flowers to Empower.
Shift Your Gift. 
Change a Life this
Mother's Day.

Mothers' Day Movement (MDM) was founded by a small group of women who believe in making a difference for women and their families around the globe. Each year we support one nonprofit through a funding campaign. 100% of donations go to the chosen charity. Our goal is to shift the priorities of giving for Mother's Day.


2024 Beneficiary:
African Education Program 

Every week, over 750 children, youth, and women access highly impactful programs and resources at AEP’s flagship Learning & Leadership Center, named Amos Youth Centre, in Kafue,
Zambia. Many of their program participants take advantage of resources and training in the areas of education, health, entrepreneurship and leadership development at the Center three to five times per week over the course of 10+ years, with life-changing results.

Since the Center first opened its doors, AEP has partnered with local leaders and youth to develop, grow, and refine our Learning & Leadership Center model. Today, the Center is run almost entirely by alumni who returned to spearhead the Center’s programs after pursuing higher education. This is a true testament to the positive impact of their work, as well as the sustainable ripple effect of their programs, as these alumni become the leaders at the forefront of
transforming their communities. Learn More...

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Back in 2011, when we learned of the $23 billion spent in the United States on Mother's Day—on things like flowers and cards—we thought there should be a movement, a Mothers’ Day Movement (MDM). Today that number exceeds $35.7 billion. Join us to move the funds to mothers and their families who need it around the globe and right here at home. 

Each year, MDM selects one 501c3 charity focused on the needs of women and children.  Join the movement.


"It's time to move the apostrophe so that it becomes not just Mother's Day honoring a single mother but Mothers' Day, an occasion to try and help mothers around the globe as well."    
-Nicholas Kristof, The New York Times


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Nominate Your Nonprofit

We're continuously on the lookout for nonprofits that share our mission to uplift mothers,  their families and their communities worldwide. If your organization is interested in becoming a Mothers' Day Movement beneficiary or to learn more, nominate your program to determine your eligibility. 

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