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The power of collective action creates positive change in the world. We work to support non-profit organizations that empower women and mothers around the globe. Our continuing projects focus on maternal health, education, safety, wellness and economic empowerment in different parts of the world.

Empowering Education and Leadership

At the forefront of societal transformation, we champion the power of knowledge and leadership. Through our campaigns, we have partnered with organizations like Shining Hope for Communities that builds paths for female leadership and Kenya Connect that fuels the dreams of students and teachers. Our collaborations showcase the spectrum of our commitment - from grassroots mobilizations to global educational programs.

Strengthening Health and Well-being

Health is the cornerstone of thriving communities. We partner with charities that cater to varying health needs of women and their families, and address atrocities like food insecurity. From the life-saving measures of Saving Mothers to the technological innovation of We Care Solar, and the nutritional interventions by Edeseia Nutrition, our partners emphasize diverse strategies to improve health and access to healthcare. Each collaboration underscores a facet of our vision, from surgical interventions, technological innovations, and parental support.

Building Resilient Communities

Sustainability and resilience form the backbone of thriving communities. We have supported work that fosters environmental, social and economic stability.  In partnership with dynamic organizations like Clearwater Lifeline Fund, Free the Slaves, and Dig Deep, we have supported partners creating a world to bring communities closer to environmental, social, and economic stability. Through our collaborations we've committed to solutions that balance people's immediate needs with long-term sustainable solutions. 


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While the idea for Mothers’ Day Movement stems from a small group of women, it takes many people and lots of hard work to make it impactful. We invite you to join us in helping make Mother's Day meaningful for more families. 


MDM Ambassadors are motivated individuals, and caring supporters who help cultivate and expand the Movement. Ambassadors engage their friends, family, colleagues, customers, club members and neighbors to be part of Mothers’ Day Movement. 


Your role is critical to help expand awareness of mothers in need, and specifically support our yearly campaign. We welcome you to join us.

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