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Who we are

Trish, Eva, Sheryl WuDunn, Nicholas Kristof, Stephanie and Kim

Trish, Eva, Sheryl WuDunn, Nicholas Kristof, Stephanie and Kim

Kim, Stephanie and Wendy visiting the Edesia Nutrition factory

Kim, Stephanie and Wendy visiting the Edesia Nutrition factory

We would like to acknowledge some special people who have given significant amounts of their time and talent to the Mothers' Day Movement: Sara Allard, Erica Buchsbaum, Kathy McAfee, Carol Mondschein, Jeff Norton and Dana Schlossman.


Becoming a mother was life-changing and the experience inspired me to make the world a better place for other families. I feel that if we each do a small part to make positive change, we can be so powerful! With so much need around the world, and here at home, I hope to make a difference.


Reading Half the Sky was both enlightening and painful for me. I was horrified by the conditions which many women and children endure and I recognized my obligation to act on their behalf. Not only to tell the stories of oppression, but to concretely act by raising funds and in my own small way, attempt to “repair the world.”

Stephanie norton

I was inspired by my family and Half the Sky to make a difference, not only for my children’s world, but for a world of children. I believe that in order to build an enduring community you have to educate and nurture its women and children. By giving women the tools to save themselves, you save a community.

Trish hazelwood

The book Half the Sky by Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn served as a catalyst for change in my life. I knew I was extremely fortunate and wanted to give back but didn’t know what to do. The book gives a very clear message - Do Something! The smallest, simplest plan can make a difference.

Wendy Bronfin

The extraordinary women in my family taught me about the power of courage and generosity. As we aspire to improve issues of education, health and equality, I know that the best and most efficient investment we can make is to enable mothers worldwide. They are passionate change-makers and together we can make a difference.