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Clearwater Initiative/Lifeline Fund

The Dilemma

In the African nation of Uganda, the leading cause of death for children under the age of 5 is diarrhea. Diarrhea kills one child every 21 seconds, more than measles, malaria and AIDS combined. Poor sanitation and lack of access to clean water is to blame. The same clean water we take for granted every day.

In order to survive, Ugandan mothers and children spend hours each day carrying 40lb containers of clean water home to their families. Often, children must miss school to help get water for their families to drink, cook and bathe.

 The Mothers' Day Movement Campaign

MDM chose ClearWater Initiative as our partner charity in 2014. ClearWater was founded in 2007 by American serviceman Captain Ben Sklaver after he served on active duty in Uganda. Ben believed in harnessing the reach of the American military to address humanitarian crises.

Something so simple, clean water, means life to the people of Uganda and many parts of the world. The MDM campaign for ClearWater resulted in the construction of new wells in numerous communities, providing access to clean water to hundreds of people.

Note: In 2016, ClearWater Initiative merged with the International Lifeline Fund. Lifeline continues to provide clean water interventions that profoundly improve quality of life. 

In Their Own Words

“The funds that were raised by Mother’s Day Movement meant that we were able to build new wells last summer and bring clean water to hundreds of families. The impact of those wells on women and children in rural communities in Uganda will be felt for many, many Mother’s Days to come. “

Jessica Arnett
Executive Director, ClearWater Initiative