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More Than Me

Imagine a world where school is not even an option for a little girl.

Today in Liberia, West Africa, 65% of children do not attend school and the unemployment rate is 85%. Close to three quarters of women and girls are illiterate. And then an unthinkable epidemic happened. Ebola struck Liberia and drained the country of many of its resources, while aid workers fled.

More Than Me did not flee. They stayed and fought to protect their girls and their families. More Than Me, and specifically its founder, Katie Meyler, and nurse, Iris Martor, were named a TIME Person of the Year for this dedication. 

After the country gained control of the epidemic, More Than Me realized that they needed more than just one school. More Than Me realized their girls would never be safe, they would never be able to truly thrive, until Liberia does. 

With a population of just over 4 million people, Liberia is a country ripe for change. With the help of the Mothers' Day Movement, More Than Me has an amazing opportunity to make drastic improvements in the education system for an entire nation. And you can be part of it.

more than me academy

The More Than Me Academy is an extraordinary school in Liberia that uses education as a catalyst for transformative social change. The school currently serves 174 of the most vulnerable girls, ages 5-17, in grades K-6. Eighteen students graduated last year and were placed in 7th, 8th and 9th grades. They attend a local junior high school, but return to the More Than Me Academy after school for additional tutoring, computer training and healthcare. This is a true testament to the quality instruction and critical services provided by the incredible staff. More Than Me is committed to paying tuition for all students through the 12th grade.

True to its name, the More Than Me Academy is more than just a school. For many girls it means hope. It means a safe space to be themselves, to learn and to grow. On top of a quality education, the Academy provides its students with two meals per day, access to wrap-around services like healthcare and psychosocial counseling and parent training. The More Than Me Academy provides all of the tools the girls need to have hope for a brighter future. 

the girls

Marka — Marka is in 3rd grade and loves going to school. She works hard and hopes to one day become a doctor!

Susannah — Susannah is a 2nd grader who enjoys school so much she can't decide on a favorite subject. She loves spelling, science and reading. She enjoys playing kickball and soccer with her friends.

Antoinette P — Antoinette is a studious first grader who loves to draw. Her mother, Alice, never got the opportunity to attend school and is happy her daughter is able to be educated and “become someone good.”  



Help The Mothers' Day Movement generate funds to aid the More Than Me Academy. We need your help to welcome a brand new class of 40 students in September 2016 AND to keep our teachers in the classrooms. It costs approximately $78,736 to fully support these two initiatives. Together, we can make a difference in honor of our mothers, sisters, aunts and friends.

  • $95 gives a girl access to medical care for a year.
  • $200 feeds a girl two hot meals a day for a school year.
  • $517 gives a girl a year of counseling services from a dedicated social worker.
  • $1,200 supports a girl in school for a year, including food, uniforms, teachers and auxiliary services.
  • $2,812 keeps a teacher in the classroom for a year.

In their own words

"We were thrilled to receive over $50,000 from the Mothers' Day Movement this year! These funds will allow us to serve more of the most vulnerable girls in Liberia at the More Than Me Academy this fall."